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This site was created in order to showcase my interests and experiences in the field of Information Technology as a digital profolio of my accompliments.

About Me

My name is Timothy Cuttill I have been working with IT for several years now. I currently hold certification in IT Business Resilience. I finished my last degree at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Information Technology and Management. I have worked in all areas of IT including; E commerce, private consulting, web development, project management, Network/System Administration, Data Center Build-Outs, IT management, and even desktop support.. I also enjoy trying out and learning new technologies. I have been a member of several professional organizations including; ITA, ITMO, DRJ, BRCCI, and IEEE

When I am not saving the world with my IT skills I like to restore old tech. Mainly I enjoy a hobby of repairing and restoring old arcade cabinats. I have restored several cabinats and have even built a few customized arcade machines.

Web Development Projects

July 24 2011

Ten Tips to Keeping Your Magento Site Healthy

I wrote this article for the Magento community when working heaviliy with Magento by gathering all my research and work with my clients' most common issues that I have seen again and again. This Article focuses primarily on Magento stores but you can take away a few tips that will help you with running any website.

May 18 2014

BuildingShit.com, The name fits.

I created BuildingShit.com as a minecraft site. Originally the name for this site was for an idea where people can purchase directions for outdated IKea furniture, but alas there are already a number of those around, so I did not get rich and I decided to make the best of the name, I think it fits quite well.

July 14

Games of The 80's

This originally started off as a project to try out my skills in writing an HTML 5 website using only the HTML 5 Boilerplate with no other templates, themes, or platforms. Well I was able to put somthing together that looked fairly decent. This site has and will continue to evolve over time to support my new arcade hobby and already has a growing following on social media.


Virtualizing Our Environment

Replacing physical servers with virtual

Because of the overall benefits to virtualizing our environment we are going to be virtualizing all of our compatible servers. For this new configuration we are going to be replacing our physical servers with virtual servers. We will then be migrating the data over to these new machines. We plan to set up 3 separate Physical machines each hosting 12 of the same server replicated across to each other..

For this project we went with a new conceptual product called an Omnicube from a company name Simplivity. These units feature a new technology that allows for live data De-duplication. Which is an amazing feat that was the biggest selling point of this system. These units work together with full active active fail-over capabilities which ensures that we have redundancy for part of our disaster recovery plan.