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Replacing physical servers with virtual

Replacing our physical servers with virtual servers across multiple sites, while ensuring that site to site replication is in place over a new connection to ensure up-time during an outage of disaster.

Virtualizing Our Environment

Because of the overall benefits to virtualizing our environment we are going to be virtualizing all of our compatible servers. For this new configuration we are going to be replacing our physical servers with virtual servers. We will then be migrating the data over to these new machines. We plan to set up 3 separate Physical machines each hosting 12 of the same server replicated across to each other..

For this project we went with a new conceptual product called an Omnicube from a company name Simplivity. These units feature a new technology that allows for live data De-duplication. Which is an amazing feat that was the biggest selling point of this system. These units work together with full active active fail-over capabilities which ensures that we have redundancy for part of our disaster recovery plan.

We have just recently obtained the hardware needed for this project have been well on our way to get this running successfully in our environment. We now are tasked with migrating our systems over to virtual machines to be hosted onto this new environment.

There is another site that is located in the tri city area of Iowa that will also utillize this equipment as a fail over site off site from the main installation. This site will feature its own DNS, AD, Domain Controller as well has host replicas of the machines from our Chicago land location and vice versa.

To get this completed we are adding an MPLS from our office located in Glenview, IL to our second location in De Witt, IA. the MPLS is expected to take and additional 60 for provisioning but so far we have been assured we should hit our expected timelines.